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Target Systems is a woman-owned, veteran-owned small business which is currently headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Target Systems has also established a presence in the National Capital Region, the Norfolk/Tidewater area, and Philadelphia; all while continuing to expand and enhance our operations in Central Pennsylvania.

Established in 1994, Target Systems started with eleven employees working on a single Navy contract. With the company’s ability to survive hinged on being successful with this one customer, the entire team worked together and focused their efforts on customer satisfaction.  The idea of providing quality work and superior customer service has been evident in all of Target Systems’ efforts since its inception.  Of those original eleven employees, six of them are still with the company.

Target Systems continued to win new work and was able to hire additional logisticians, software developers, and programmers.  Since the beginning, Target Systems has continued to enhance our skill base to keep up with developing and emerging technologies.  This has led us to be able to take on larger-scale and more complex projects and to work with diverse client base, including Federal, State, and local governments, the Department of Defense, and both large and small commercial clients. 

As Target Systems has continued to grow, we continually moved from smaller to larger leased spaces.  This all changed in July 2005, when we built  our own office building located on Bent Creek Blvd in Mechanicsburg.  This giant step has offered upgraded conference rooms, amenities for customers, enhanced security and a much more comfortable environment for our employees.

Target Systems’ philosophy of providing quality work to customers extends also to how we treat both our employees and our partners.  By offering employees a challenging yet supportive work environment and reliable quality support to our partners, Target Systems believes the end result in every case is a much more satisfied customer.  Everybody wins.


Mission and Vision

We seek to provide our customers with Logistics, Information Technology and Consulting solutions that exceed their expectations in a very cost effective manner.

We seek to provide our employees with a challenging, supportive work environment that allows for professional growth.

We seek to provide our business partners with reliable, cost effective support for their projects and an opportunity to provide their unique qualifications to our projects.

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